OPEN is a collaboration of entrepreneurs and professionals who help each other in achieving their professional goals. OPEN provides assistance with execution, strategic thinking, and skills development. So far, our various chapters have helped many young professionals into becoming seasoned leaders and have helped advance their careers.

Theme for Islamabad Chapter

Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) Islamabad Chapter has been incepted with a vision and mission to “Foster entrepreneurship, business acceleration, partnerships, cross chapter collaboration, and belief in the brand ‘Pakistan’ ’’.

OPEN Islamabad is an offshoot of a US grounded global voluntary non-profit organization, OPEN. It is committed to the promotion of entrepreneurship, value creation for businesses and their leadership among all its chapters, their members and their connected communities both internationally and in Pakistan. The predominant focus is on Islamabad. Established in Boston in 1998, OPEN has chapters in Boston, Chicago, Houston, Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Karachi and now in Islamabad.

OPEN Islamabad has harnessed its significance as being the most vibrant and promising gathering of top entrepreneurs. The core focus is to strive towards providing an interactive platform to entrepreneurs to facilitate success and encourage growth for members and their businesses. This enables them to overcome the challenges presented by today’s exceedingly dynamic global business environment and the increasing globalization of the world economy.

At OPEN Islamabad, established entrepreneurs contribute to the society by assisting professional development of other aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals through their guidance and support. The intent is to create value addition for members by providing them with opportunities to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and professionals in Pakistan and in the US. This is achieved by Professional Networking, Mentorship and advice from global thought leaders, and sharing of ideas or business plans.

This unique platform focuses on professional development of ambitious entrepreneurs. It also provides recognized entrepreneurs with an opportunity to promote their businesses and products globally by utilizing OPEN’s promotional events and activities. Moreover, it also facilitates them with new ideas and business avenues to explore.

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