Sidra Jalil

Market Researcher, Technology Enthusiast and Motivational Speaker

Sidra is a Computer Science graduate possessing post graduate qualification in the field of Management.  She possess strong communication skills and has worked actively with technology start up ventures and worldwide leading market research companies for over 8 years now. She is a blogger, internet marketer, motivational speaker and a socially active person with keen interest in learning and community work.

    Umar Ashfaq

    Senior Software Engineer at eMumba

    Umar is a history nerd who loves to read old books and make drawings. Sometimes he writes software too.

      Farrukh Malik

      CEO Discretelogix (Private) Limited

      Farrukh is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded multiple businesses including an IT company, leather products manufacturing & export, and high tech equipment brick & mortar shops. He loves taking challenges and believes in innovation, creativity, dedication & hard work.

        Ather Imran Nawaz

        Chief Executive Officer at Sybrid (Private) Ltd

        Ather, with a Masters degree from Purdue University, has over 15 years of professional experience with various IT & ITES organizations. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Sybrid Private Limited.

        Besides work, Ather is an active blogger (http://thinkingspirits.com) and a mentor. He is known for creating platforms for professionals and is currently engaged in a major nonprofit effort to establish Islamabad as a knowledge city. Ather actively volunteers for educational and health welfare organizations, and regularly speaks at various universities. He serves as Chairman of the Board for OPEN Islamabad chapter.

          Umair Shahid

          Director, Products @ 2ndQuadrant

          Umair is a Data Management Professional, focused on open source software, with over 14 years of experience and has served some of the highly competitive software markets globally. With his experience of managing teams for software product releases and lust for continuous improvement, he brings in lot of value to the OPEN team.

            Owais Anjum

            Founder Cricout, CEO eMumba

            Owais Anjum, a Silicon Valley trooper for a good number of years, is a Spartan armed with an MBA from San Jose State University, the oldest public institution on the West Coast of USA. He has led a subsidiary of a Silicon Valley Company in Pakistan and is now administering his own startup, eMumba. One of the biggest achievements of his startup is “Cricout – A Social Network for Cricket” available online and in the form of smartphone apps.

            Owais is an esteemed and distinguished member of the Islamabad entrepreneurial circle and volunteers his time for mentoring. He has also been an active member of OPEN Silicon Valley chapter in the past.

              Qarib Kazmi

              Software Engineer, Technology Specialist, Volunteer

              Qarib is a CS graduate from FAST Islamabad and Masters in Management from CASE. He has over 13 years of diverse industry experience and is a technology specialist along with being an avid volunteer for social causes. Founding member of FAST Alumni Association Islamabad, he has been managing it for 6 years. He is also a founding member of KnowledgeCities Islamabad, which has been playing a vital role in promoting entrepreneurship initiatives in Islamabad. His aim in life is to do something worthwhile and make a difference. Qarib is very passionate about social uplift and community outreach programs.

                Maryam Kausar

                CEO and Co-Founder MMI

                Maryam Kausar is CEO of a tech startup, MMI, which develops games. She is a member of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and has represented Pakistan in women in stem conference held in Dubai in 2015. She also is a member of global shapers in which her domain area is education. In addition, she has been recipient of funding to teach working children basic English, Urdu and Maths as a part of a program called Eduvators. She was recently accepted at MIT for professional summer course for innovation and design thinking.

                  Mansoor Khan

                  CEO, Makabu Pvt. Limited

                  There is no alternate to experience, and Mansoor Khan has an aura that symbolizes experience and success. He has been weathered with time as one of the most successful entrepreneurs, cultivating and fostering Makabu which is a leading provider of managed IT services for 10 prosperous years. Mansoor graduated as a Golden Eagle of California State University, Los Angeles.

                  Mansoor was part of the inaugural event of the first OPEN chapter in Boston back in 2000. He is a philanthropist who founded the JAQ Education Trust, working for education of poor kids in and around Islamabad.

                    Amir Khalid

                    Manager Web Applications Discretelogix (Private) Limited

                    Amir is an experienced IT professional dealing in web applications, customized solutions and complex architecture. He has worked in a variety of web application platforms and ideas. He is interested in innovation, creativity, technology and likes to take on challenges.

                      Mehdi Kazmi

                      CEO, The Match Box

                      Mehdi is a young and energetic professional who has experience in event management, business development as well as volunteering for social causes. He brings a very useful perspective to the executive team.

                        Naveed Ramzan

                        Sr. PHP Developer at Zeropoint.HR

                        Naveed is a “multi-dimensional” person, completed his ICT research under supervision of WHO-Pakistan. Overall has 9+ years experience in web development and CRM/ERP systems. Loves to work in open source. Naveed provides free training to youngsters on “career building” from www.trainings.pk platform. He is founding member of Pakistan Agile Development Society (www.agile.org.pk). He is a strong believer in spreading the knowledge and enhance capabilities of people.

                          Asim Ghaffar

                          VP R&D at LMKR

                          Asim is leading ICIL, a joint program of Code for Pakistan and OPEN Islamabad. A graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, he has a strong passion for building open source apps to solve civic problems. Asim has worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Nokia Siemens Networks in the past, and also ran a software consultancy for Pakistan Air Force. With 12 years of experience under the belt, he is currently the VP RnD at LMKR.

                            Umar Farooq

                            CEO, HCP Group

                            Umar Farooq is that rare hybrid – strategic leader, powerful innovator, technology visionary & philanthropist– with a solid track record of proven success. He has 17 + years of domestic and international experience in Fortune 500 companies, including Best Buy, MCI WorldCom, T Mobile, Wal-Mart, Hotwire, Apple, Amazon, Direct Energy, Chase, Barclays Bank, Dell, American Express, COPA Airlines, Blue Cross Blue Shield, YUM Brand, Home Depot and Expert Global Solutions.

                            Umar is currently Founder, President, and CEO of HCP Group. He achieved many milestones in the IT industry and his enthralling entrepreneurial spirit helped him to explore new successful business ventures. He holds degree in Master of Business Administration (IMBA) in International Business from Stratford University – Falls Church, Virginia

                                Uzair Khan

                                Business Development Consultant, Makabu Pvt. Limited

                                Uzair is a Marketing and Media Studies graduate from the Lahore School of Economics. Currently working in the Business Development division at Makabu Pvt. Ltd. Along with this, he is working on his own set up that provides online and social media solutions to people.

                                Uzair has a high level of creativity along with a good sense of commitment which gives him a go-getter attitude.

                                  Muneeb Hassan Soomro

                                  CEO PioneerSol

                                  Muneeb is a business professional with a solid technical background. He has worked at Bentley Systems as a software engineer then started up his own Software services company which works for Subway and other international clients. He has worked as a Growth Hacker in Silicon Valley Based startup focusing on sales and marketing with defining the product with development teams. He is an active member of the technical community serving as Vice President Membership services in Knowledge City Islamabad and one of the Executive founding member of OPEN Islamabad.
                                  Muneeb helps OPEN Islamabad with email campaigns and marketing.