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OPEN (Organisation of Pakistani Entrepreneurs) is a global network of Pakistani entrepreneurs and professionals, with chapters in 13 cities from Silicon Valley to New York to London to Islamabad. OPEN provides a platform for Pakistani entrepreneurs and professionals of a city to connect, network, collaborate, mentor and support each other. For more than 15 years, OPEN has established itself as the most reputed global brand of Pakistani professionals and has helped countless in their entrepreneurial journeys.

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Super Kabaddi League – ..

OPEN Islamabad,

Each winter fans of American Football wait for the annual championship of the National Football League (NFL) – Super Bowl. NFL remains one of the world’s biggest sports leagues. It is one of the most awaited events in the world. Elsewhere, fans of other sports wait eagerly for their favorite sports leagues to take place. Sports leagues are not recent phenomena, which have, at times, grown into larger-than-life affairs. In […]

Leadership Lessons from G..

OPEN Islamabad,

Leaders of well-led organizations focus on people, purpose, and potential. What makes an ideal organization distinctive from others, who remain mediocre, is their leaders’ inability in creating a friendly and thriving culture.

We have witnessed a remarkable growth in top-tier companies (e.g., Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook) over the last decade. Is their success accidental or intentional? What makes this whirlwind success easier for the top-tiers while others keep struggling?

When is it too late to be..

OPEN Islamabad,

Air Commodore (retd.) Munir is ranked amongst some of the most successful Pakistani tech entrepreneurs. His hard work and persistence have come through in his thriving group of companies launched under the “Clary” umbrella. The story of this retired officer who went from a night shift manager of a gas station to the owner of a company, which now employs about one hundred engineers, scientists, sellers and marketers, designers and developers in 5 countries is truly an inspiring one.

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Farrukh Malik
CEO Discretelogix (Private)
Ather Imran Nawaz
CEO, Sybrid Private Ltd
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CEO Makabu
Owais Anjum
CEO eMumba
Obaidullah Khawaja
Co-founder and CEO Flikkable
Qarib Kazmi
Software Engineer, Technology Specialist, Volunteer
Umair Shahid
PostgreSQL Consultant, 2ndQuadrant
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Senior Software Engineer at eMumba
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Market Researcher, Tech Enthusiast & Motivational Speaker
Amir Khalid
Manager Web Applications Discretelogix (Private) Limited